TAURUS modular system

The hi-tech modular system for cultivation 
- Power up to 600 W 
- Efficacy up to 2.9 umol / J 
- Individual adjustable modules 
- Dimming via app

LED Horticulture systems


Greenhouse lighting

igrox® TAURUS TA10 is the Toplighting system specifically designed for lighting in greenhouses, Efficacy up to 3.6 uMol / J, power of 240W. TAURUS TA10 is the ideal LED system to maximize the yield of crop in winter cycle or to anticipate the cultivation cycle. Top quality horticultural LED components and industrial grade electronic drivers make it an efficient, effective and reliable product

Indoor environments

igrox® TAURUS is the professional LED solution for cultivation in controlled environment. Up to 600 W and up to 2.9 umol/J, passive dissipated TAURUS is a versatile modular system. Material quality, ease of use, effectiveness and reliability are contained in a compact and powerful product, able to maximize the yield of crop. 

Cultivation container

igrox® HO.M.E is the modular, automated Plug & Grow system specially designed for cultivation in shipping containers.
Designed  according to the highest technological standards, it can be customized in all its components. Photovoltaic power generation systems and Li-ion technology storage batteries can make the system stand alone. 

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igrox® lighting systems are designed by our biologists and engineers for professional applications in greenhouses or indoor environments. We use the best quality LEDs available on the market to guarantee our customers efficiency, effectiveness and reliability


All of our LED lighting systems are produced in Italy, experience and technology come together in a process that includes robotic electronic assembly and craftsmanship, the tradition of Italian lighting.



We constantly invest in research and development. Our design process aims to reduce technological costs, improving crop yields per square meter and product life.