igrox® connect

Wireless control tool for  igrox® LED systems


igrox® connect is our wireless tool to easily control igrox LEDs fixtures

Based on wireless technology, it guarantees maximum reliability and ease of use.
Igrox connect is a simple app that can be installed on tablets and smartphones, it allows you to communicate and dim every dimmable igrox fixture connected to our communication interface MINI BLL.


Multiple zones and grouping

igrox® connect adapts perfectly to any facility, allowing you to create multiple zones and group the lamps in a flexible way to promptly manage different dimming setup for each group.

Mini BLL Interface

The mini bll interface allows any compatible igrox system to communicate with the igrox connect app. It can be connected to a single device or to a line of devices. The Mini Bll interface can simultaneously control up to 78 individual TA1 or TA1S  - up to 39 TA2 or TA2S and up to 26 TA3 or TA3S.

igrox connect app configuration

Tutorial about igrox connect configuration