igrox® develops specific spectra for plant growth in controlled environments with the application of supplemental light or as the sole source of light. Our spectra are designed to optimize morphology and crop yield in different environments and applications: technological greenhouses, indoor and vertical farms.


This spectrum is suitable for technological greenhouse applications. It can be used throughout the plant's life cycle as supplemental light source. Lettuce, tomatoes and peppers are just some of the possible applications. The HEx spectrum is characterized by two emission peaks at 660nm and 450nm, absorbed mainly by chlorophylls Chl A and Chl B. It stimulates rapid growth with efficiency and effecacy. The HEx spectrum is available with our TA10 systems.



This spectrum is suitable for indoor and vertical farm applications. It was developed to be used throughout the life cycle of plants as the only light source. In this type of application, the wavelengths between 500nm and 600nm assume a fundamental role in plant development as important photosynthetic pigments are sensitive to these wavelengths. Our CAx spectrum is the right balance between emissions in 500-600nm band and system efficacy. The CAx spectrum is available with TAURUS and WAVE systems.



This spectrum is suitable for applications in grafting chamber. It has been developed to obtain a rapid grafting process both in solanaceae and in cucurbitaceae. During the grafting process, the levels of fluence must be controlled to activate photosynthesis, avoiding, however, excessive stimulation of the growth and lengthening of the stem. The GHx spectrum is available with our WAVE systems.