igrox® LED cultivation systems are produced, designed and tested in Italy by an experienced team of biologists, agronomists and engineers. Every detail is designed according to the optimization of our customer's business plan, looking for the best cost-benefit ratio. All igrox® systems are made of EN6060 aluminum alloy, capable of passively dissipating (without the use of cooling fans ) the heat produced by the operation of the LEDs. The thermal design involves the use of LED diodes at extremely low temperatures compared to the maximum admitted values. This strategy makes it possible to achieve reliability and robustness of performance. Typically our systems have a maximum decay of 10% after more than 50,000 hours of operation, this means stability of yield and revenues. Our electronic drivers are of the highest quality, IP67, resistant to surges over 6kV and with harmonic distortions in the order of less than 10%.. As regards the biological aspects of our technology, we refer to the Science section of our website.