2.9 umol/J

200w  400w  600w


2.5 umol/J
TA1  TA2  TA3
160w  320w  480w

Powerful Effective Hi-Tech

TAURUS S and TAURUS base are part of the family of igrox® modular LED systems for indoor cultivation.

The TAURUS base version is available in 3 models with power from 160 W to 480 W and a typ. efficacy of 2.5 umol/J. 

The high-efficiency version TAURUS S is available in 3 models with power from 200 W to 600 W and typ. efficacy top in class of 2.9 umol/J.

With TAURUS products it is possible to obtain:

- Uniformity and optimal PPFD levels
- Reduction of energy consumption for lighting by 40%
- Reduction of heat emitted and air conditioning costs
- Reduction of canopy temperature -> less volatilization of terpenes
- Useful life over 50,000 hours
- Full spectrum throughout the cultivation cycle

TAURUS and TAURUS S systems are equipped with igrox® CAx and BRx spectra, full spectra specifically designed to operate effectively both in the vegetative and flowering phases in indoor environments.

TAURUS S is equipped with BRx spectrum, based on SAMSUNG 301H mid power LEDs.

TAURUS base is equipped with CAx spectrum, developed with OSRAM power LEDs technology.

TAURUS S and TAURSUS base guarantee modularity and application flexibility thanks to the numerous possible configurations.

Min power:  TAURUS base - TA1 160 W - 2.5 umol / J

Max power: TAURUS S - TA3S 600 W - 2.9 umol / J

Power supply voltage: 100-305 V 50/60 Hz or upon request 180-528 V 50/60 Hz

Discover our ISO9001 - GACP compliant design

* igrox® systems for cannabis are exclusively sold in countries where cultivation is legal. igrox® systems must be used within the limits of the local regulations in force, exclusively for the cultivation of the allowed varieties. Igrox srl is not responsible for the improper use of the information contained in this site and / or for the improper use of the LED systems by third parties.

igrox connect

All dimmable versions of TAURUS and TAURUS S are compatible with igrox connect app.  Thanks to our MINI BLL interface, a comunication module based on bluetooth mesh technology, you can control igrox LED fixtures via your mobile device. By downloading our igrox connect app and connecting igrox fixtures to one or more MINI BLL intrerface, you can control a single device or entire rooms of 100+ devices conveniently from your mobile phone.

MINI BLL - igrox connect interface

The mini bll interface allows any compatible igrox system to communicate with the igrox connect app. It can be connected to a single device or to a line of devices. The Mini Bll interface can simultaneously control up to 78 individual TA1 or TA1S - up to 39 TA2 or TA2S and up to 26 TA3 or TA3S.