TAURUS is an efficient modular system, specifically designed for indoor cannabis cultivation. TAURUS LED systems for cultivation are available with powers up to 483W, and efficacy up to 2.46 uMol / J, always passive dissipated. TAURUS is a hi-tech industrial grade system. It has been designed with the igrox® CAx spectrum, works effectively both in the vegetative and flowering stages. TAURUS ensures extreme application flexibility in any context: TA1, single 161W module - TA2, double module 322W - TA3, three modules, 483W. Its ease of installation and use is ideal for achieving high PPFD levels and uniformity on canopy..


Power:                        TA1 161 W  -  TA2 322 W  -  TA3 483 W

Efficacy:                      up to 2.9 uMol/J (with the TAxS version)

Operating voltage:         120-277 V 50/60 Hz   o  100-305 V 50/60 Hz

Weight:                      4 kg  

* igrox® systems for cannabis are exclusively sold in countries where cultivation is legal. igrox® systems must be used within the limits of the local regulations in force, exclusively for the cultivation of the allowed varieties. Igrox srl is not responsible for the improper use of the information contained in this site and / or for the improper use of the LED systems by third parties.