Light is life

On the edge of biotech innovation

Take total control over your LED system

With our wireless control system you can manage dimming programs, photoperiod, spectrum and have information about the status of the system. igrox® LIGHTMESH is a flexible, scalable wireless control system for large facilities like greenhouse or vertical farms.

The right spectrum for any application

Discover our tailored solution for cultivation of specific cultivar in greenhouse, vertical farming, for graft healing or rootings operations and many other applications.

Specific spectra for any application
Multichannel LED system for R&D and production
Wireless control system to remotely control your lighting system

Microalgae cultivation

We focus our activity on microalgae cultivation too, reshaping the way in which super food, active pharmaceuticals and new smart biomaterials are produced. 
Photosynthetic organisms like microalgae are the basis of life on Earth but only a few of the thousands that exist are well known and studied.

Igrox® technology helps scientists to advance in the field of microalgae cultivation and exploitation for a more sustainable future.

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