On the edge of biotech innovation


igrox® designs and produces LED technology for cultivation in controlled environment since 2018.

Our solutions contribute to elevate yield and enhance quality of crops while ensuring sustainability through our cutting edge technology.

igrox® LED technology comes from the constant R&D activity of our team of biologists, agronomists and engineers. We are at the forefront of the study and application of specific spectra to control morphology, vegetative or generative growth, rooting, brachization and all the biological and technological aspects that our clients consider useful for their entrepreneurial success.

Science and technology support our daily job and allow our customers to transform agricultural productions, dependent from uncontrolled variables, into stable, fully controlled productions, similar to industrial factories.


In 2020 TCI enters in igrox® contributing to the growth of the company with a strategical industrial sinergy. TCI is an innovative company focused on customer needs and market trends offering energy saving solutions. TCI supplies its customers with LED DRIVERS, IoT and WIRELESS CONTROL SYSTEMS, LED MODULES, LEDs. COBs, LENSES and CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS.


TCI GROUP currently counts on the professionalism of more than 2000 people.


Igrox® is located in Saronno, inside TCI buildings that are spread over an area of more than 100,000 square meters.


TCI has a team of +50 engineers to support the electronical and mechanical development of each of our products.

Biology and agronomy

We firmly believe in the value of research. Researchers and PhD in biology and agronomy sit on our board, collaborate with us through university collaborations and are in charge of the experimental activity that we carry out day by day.