Elevate crop yield


up to 3.8 umol/J

Minimize energy consumption while growing your crop.

Total customization

Our design team fits our SCORPIO solution to any vertical farm geometry.

Wide range of spectra

Apply the specific spectrum for your targets and optimize yield and quality of your crop


Igrox® SCORPIO is an LED system for vertical farming operations with the highest efficacy on the market. Thanks to igrox® broad spectrum GLx and PLx it can get to 3.6 umol / J efficacy. It is characterized by high quality standards, the latest generation of LED technology and IP65 protection rate.Igrox® SCORPIO is a modular, flexible and scalable solution with perfect match to vertical farms with fixture-canopy distance greater than 30 cm. Igrox® SCORPIO is suitable for MICROALGAE cutlivation, write us if you want to know more!