hi-tech microalgae Photobioreactor by MBT srl

The new era of photo-bio facilities

Photosynthetic microrganisms like microalgae are the basis of life on Earth but only a few of the thousands that exist are well known and studied.
Igrox® technology helps scientists to advance in the field of microalgae cultivation and exploitation for a more sustainable future, reshaping the way in which super food, active pharmaceuticals and new smart biomaterials are produced.



MBT & IGROX technologies for microalgae cultivation

Igrox is partner of Micro Bio Technology srl for the lighting system of NAUTILUS, the patented photobioreactor developed by MBT srl. Photobioreactors are closed systems that allow the cultivation of microalgae under strictly controlled conditions. The monitoring of the ideal growth parameters – temperature, pH, sterility – allows to create customized protocols, regardless of surrounding environmental conditions. Nautilus is MBT's first patented photobioreactor and leads to achieve high yields of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic ingredients from microalgae. In this way it is possible to reproduce biotechnologically all the desirable growth conditions, including the possibility of carrying out light-dark cycles to benefit from the effect of photoperiods on the algal culture.

What can you produce with microalgae?

Microalgae are versatile microorganisms you can use to extract and produce many molecules for applications in several sectors:

Active pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical and cosmetics ingredients
Superfoods, proteins, microalgae based meat
Biomaterials, biohydrogen and biogas